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About Us

Peek at Boutique is a real company and not one of those random-online, offshore scammers who showcase nice clothes but then send you something totally different from what you ordered.  Yes, I too have been caught out there! 

Allow me to tell you about the person behind the company “Peek at Boutique”:

It all started with a desire and a dream to own a boutique.  Growing up I was told you needed to work hard at a job, stay there for years and then ultimately retire;  however, I knew that wasn’t what I wanted to do.  Although that was the blueprint I followed, I knew I needed more.  Being totally oblivious on how to start a company, not having much start-up money, along with no guidance; owning a boutique became “a dream deferred”!  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a jack-of-all-trades, master of none; however the only consistent thing I knew how to do and loved to do, was shop for clothes.  I always shopped and bought fly clothes ever since I could remember.  Shopping for clothes was the only thing that I had a true passion for and could do every day.  I loved buying clothes and pairing them to make eye catching outfits and then return said clothing (not worn of course lol); or I would just choose to keep them.  I can honestly say that I had a department store in my closet!  I would have tons of clothes with tags still on them.  I say this to say; even back then I was preparing myself to be a stylist, boutique owner and entrepreneur….I just didn’t know it at that time!

Fast forward to 2019.  The COVID19 pandemic hit and the world was forced to retreat and stay indoors.  It was during that lockdown, I like many others, began to soul search and realize that I needed more and it was either now or never to start “living life” and pursing my passion.  Don’t get me wrong, I was terrified!  I had no clue on where to begin but I did have someone very special who gave me that push (and still does); and I can’t thank you enough Christine!  Thank you also to Kim who said on many occasions…even prior to the pandemic…“You’re already a stylist….just make it official”.  Heartfelt thanks are in order to my sister who would remind me that I was on the right track and the Ancestors have already said it was so!  Sincere thanks to Da'rrell of "B" Styled By Da'rrell; your love, support, advice and words of encouragement are so appreciated and they mean the world to me.  I can’t wait to collaborate with you!  Lastly, to my significant other, thank you for your ear and for your encouragement.  Even though you were sometimes a little rough around the edges, I know that your unorthodox style of motivation was coming from a good place and you just wanted me to push thru….and I love you for that!

In comes 2020 (August to be exact), the birth of Peek at Boutique became a reality; and I am now the proud owner of a clothing boutique!  I DID IT!

Peek at Boutique is a legitimate company that sells apparel made with the upmost quality and all the items are carefully chosen.  Every item looks the same in-person as it looks on the website.  We offer “real” sizes so you never have to worry about receiving something made for a child; what you see is what you get!  To my supporters and day ones….I can’t Thank You enough for taking a chance on me and spending your hard-earned money at Peek at Boutique; and I’m bursting with pride to have received all of the positive feedback about your purchases!

In closing, anyone who knows me knows that I’m a very private person; and it took a lot for me to share the above…but I had to!  I wanted you to know that Peek at Boutique is a real company.  I too am a shopper and I guard my purse against the many fly-by-night / pop-up boutiques.  You are in safe hands when you order from us!

With that said, thank you for your interest and support and please know that:

 “Peek at Boutique will always offer you Chic, Stylish, Beautiful Clothing for today’s modern woman at affordable prices!  Our motto is You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to look like a million bucks!”

Thank you for shopping with us!

With Passion, Love, Sleepless Nights and Perseverance,

Proud Owner of: 

Peek at Boutique, LLC